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Reasonable Work Expense Claims

The ATO has issued a Taxation Ruling TD2013/16 which sets out the amounts considered reasonable for certain work expense claims covered by allowances for 2013-2014.

For Darwin, Adelaide, Katherine and Alice Springs Accommodation, the reasonable amounts for daily travel allowance expenses for the 2013-2014 income year are (for employees annual salary of $108,810.00 or below):

Darwin $320.85
Katherine $252.85
Alice Springs $268.85
Adelaide $275.85

Overtime meals

Overtime meal allowance expense claims up to $27.70 per meal are considered reasonable where the allowance is paid under an industrial award.

Truck drivers

For meal expenses of employee truck drivers who receive travel allowance and who sleep away from home, an allowance of $91.60 per day is considered reasonable. For drivers with an annual salary of $108,811 or more, the daily rate is $99.95

Set rates per kilometre for motor vehicle expense claims for the 2013/2014 year are:

Up to 1600cc 65.0c
1600 to 2600cc 76.0c
Over 2600cc 77.0c

Another important issue each year is the Federal Government Budget, and to a lesser extent, those of the various state and territory governments.

You can read the 2014-15 Federal Budget at:

You can read the 20014-15 Northern Territory Budget at:

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